This site is for providing information about issues of day care businesses in residential zones in cities in Michigan. State Department of Human Services issue licenses to the following types of day/foster care facilities in residential area, even if most cities do not allow home facilities 7 or more children or adults. The purpose of this page is to discuss current problems and find feasible solutions.

Type Capacity Full-time employee
Family Child Daycare Home 1-6 Not required
Group Child Daycare Home 7-12 Required
Adult Foster Care Family Home 1-6 Not required
Adult Foster Care Home Small Group 1-6 licensee may reside off-site
Adult Foster Care Home Medium Group 7-12 Required

Result of the City Coucil meeting on March 20
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Article: Analysis of Child Day Care Home Problems in Michigan and Some Suggestions to Improve the Situation - Do Not Put Your Child in Home Day Care Until You Have Read This Report; Do Not Buy Your Dream Home Until You Have Read This Report -- full article in PDF or HTML version

Abstract: Largely owing to the increased demand, the cost for child care service has been sky-rocketing. To make situations worse, state budget cuts for the child care assistance program create a growing child care crisis for low-income working families. Licensed day care homes were welcomed, because it was providing relatively affordable child care services. It is affordable because they are using existing home space.
      However, some child care in private homes has caused problems, mainly due to the fact that homes were not designed for public services. In addition, some daycare homes in the residential zoning area caused problems such as noise, parking, invasion of privacy, traffic, safety, increased city services, lowering property value of neighboring homes, and among others. Especially, licensed 'group' day care homes up to 12 children and employees in residential zone got a special attention recently, because most cities did not have zoning ordinance allowing this type of business in the residential districts.
      To solve child care problems actively, it is strongly suggested that state must promote more professional child care centers than day care homes in order to reduce child care accidents. State should not ignore city's zoning ordinance anymore and set rules to take care of neighbors and communities, too. If a city wants to allow large scale home services, it must have strict regulations and plan residential zones in such a way that sub-divisions are designed to accommodate home services such as child care and adult foster care homes to minimize conflicts with neighbors. Parents need to analyze carefully pros and cons of putting their children in day care homes.

Attention: Neighbors of Family Daycare Homes
If there are no reasonable restrictions, many of the current family daycare homes will become Group Daycare homes, since Group Daycare home business model is more profitable.

A recent finding about your home property value
According to the Board of Review, City of Troy Assessing Department, if your house is next to a group day care home, you may lose 4.7% of your home property value, for instance. Please read this. (will be re-available soon)

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